Protagonist: the central character tied into the main storyline. Their goals fuel the action and their own personal journey.

Antagonist: the character whose goals directly oppose those of the protagonist. They are not necessarily an ‘evil’ character or ‘the baddie’, but their journey towards their own goals blocks the protagonist’s journey.

Mentor: the mentor voices or represents the lesson that must be learned by the protagonist in order to change for the better and achieve their goal.

Tempter: the antagonist’s right-hand. The tempter doesn’t necessarily know the antagonist, but they both share the role of stopping the protagonist from achieving their goal. The tempter tries to convince the protagonist to ‘change sides’, but may end up changing sides themself.

Sidekick: the protagonist’s unconditionally loving friend. This character may become frustrated or suffer doubt, but always stands by the protagonist in the end. Typically, the sidekick embodies the theme without even realizing it.

Skeptic: the skeptic does not believe in the theme or the protagonist’s goal. They have no loyalties, and are simply following their own path.

Emotional: this character acts impulsively, letting their emotions fuel their decisions. Sometimes this works to their advantage, sometimes it is their downfall.

Logical: the rational thinker who always plans and reasons the best course of action. Again, sometimes this works to their advantage, sometimes it is their downfall.

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